September 9 | On this Day

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2017 American tennis player Sloane Stephens won her first title in 2017 US Open. Achievement
2010 Chess grandmaster from Denmark, Bent Larsen died. Death day
2003 Hungarian-American physicist Edward Teller died. Death day
1995 Astronaut from West Germany, Reinhard Furrer died. Death day
1991 Independence Day of Tajikistan. National Holiday
1988 Chess grandmaster from Egypt, Bassem Amin was born. Birthday
1988 Vietnam Airlines Flight 831 aircraft incident at Lam Luk Ka District, Thailand, killed 75 people. Man-Made Disaster
1985 American chemist Paul Flory died. Death day
1985 Indonesian badminton player Liliyana Natsir was born. Birthday
1979 American tennis player John McEnroe won his first title in 1979 US Open. Achievement
1977 Chess grandmaster from Poland, Piotr Bobras was born. Birthday
1976 Aeroflot Flight 7957 and Aeroflot Flight 31 aircraft incident at Black Sea, near Anapa, Russian SFSR, USSR, killed 64 people. Man-Made Disaster
1970 Chess grandmaster from Czech Republic, Zbyněk Hráček was born. Birthday
1969 Allegheny Airlines Flight 853 and Private aircraft (N7374J) aircraft incident at Fairland, Indiana, US, killed 83 people. Man-Made Disaster
1967 Indian actor Akshay Kumar was born. Birthday
1956 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Anatoly Artsebarsky was born. Birthday
1952 Astronaut from United States, Lee Morin was born. Birthday
1941 German embryologist Hans Spemann died. Death day
1941 American computer scientist Dennis Ritchie was born. Birthday
1939 Israeli politician Reuven Rivlin was born. Birthday
1928 Italian Grand Prix car accident killed 28 people. Man-Made Disaster
1923 American physician Daniel Carleton Gajdusek was born. Birthday
1923 Chess grandmaster from Latvia, Elmārs Zemgalis was born. Birthday
1923 Brazilian politician Hermes da Fonseca died. Death day
1923 American actor Cliff Robertson was born. Birthday
1922 German and American physicist Hans Georg Dehmelt was born. Birthday
1918 Italian politician Oscar Luigi Scalfaro was born. Birthday
1911 Australian politician John Gorton was born. Birthday
1896 Italian physicist and meteorologist Luigi Palmieri died. Death day
1878 Filipino politician Sergio Osmena was born. Birthday
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