September 21 | On this Day

Year Description Category
2002 Swedish mechanical engineer and inventor Nils Bohlin died. Death day
1992 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Mariya Muzychuk was born. Birthday
1991 Independence Day of Armenia. National Holiday
1990 Chess grandmaster from Soviet Union, Alexander Konstantinopolsky died. Death day
1988 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Vasily Papin was born. Birthday
1985 Chess grandmaster from Israel, Ilya Khmelniker was born. Birthday
1981 Independence Day of Belize. National Holiday
1979 West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle was born. Birthday
1974 American actor Walter Brennan died. Death day
1971 Argentine physiologist Bernardo Houssay died. Death day
1970 Chess grandmaster from Croatia, Ivan Leventić was born. Birthday
1965 Chess grandmaster from Croatia, Robert Zelčić was born. Birthday
1964 Independence Day of Malta. National Holiday
1963 West Indian cricketer Curtly Ambrose was born. Birthday
1961 Golfer from United States, Ed Oliver died. Death day
1958 American basketball player Rick Mahorn was born. Birthday
1957 Australian politician Kevin Rudd was born. Birthday
1957 American film director Ethan Coen was born. Birthday
1955 Astronaut from United States, Richard Hieb was born. Birthday
1954 Japanese politician Shinzo Abe was born. Birthday
1945 Astronaut from Canada, Bjarni Tryggvason was born. Birthday
1936 English inventor and businessman Frank Hornby died. Death day
1934 British physicist David J. Thouless was born. Birthday
1930 American chemist John Thompson Dorrance died. Death day
1926 American physicist Donald A. Glaser was born. Birthday
1924 American inventor Bernard Silver was born. Birthday
1895 Spanish civil engineer and pilot Juan de la Cierva was born. Birthday
1866 French bacteriologist Charles Nicolle was born. Birthday
1853 Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes was born. Birthday
1801 German and Russian engineer Moritz von Jacobi was born. Birthday
1676 Papacy of Pope Innocent XI began. Papacy began
1576 Italian polymath Gerolamo Cardano died. Death day
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