September 15 | On this Day

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2007 Supercentenarian from France, Marie-Simone Capony died at the age of 113 years, 185 days. Death day
2000 The opening ceremony of Games of the XXVII Olympiad, or 2000 Summer olympics was held in Sydney.
1998 American inventor and computer pioneer Reynold B. Johnson died. Death day
1990 Chess grandmaster from Czech Republic, Peter Michalik was born. Birthday
1977 American basketball player Jason Terry was born. Birthday
1974 Air Vietnam Flight 706 hijacking aircraft incident at near Phan Rang, Vietnam, killed 75 people. Man-Made Disaster
1951 Dutch footballer Johan Neeskens was born. Birthday
1946 American actor Tommy Lee Jones was born. Birthday
1946 American film director Oliver Stone was born. Birthday
1942 Zimbabwean politician Emmerson Mnangagwa was born. Birthday
1941 Astronaut from Poland, Mirosław Hermaszewski was born. Birthday
1937 American economist Robert Lucas, Jr. was born. Birthday
1936 Greek politician Alexandros Zaimis died. Death day
1929 American physicist Murray Gell-Mann was born. Birthday
1926 German philosopher Rudolf Christoph Eucken died. Death day
1897 Pakistani politician Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar was born. Birthday
1883 Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau died. Death day
1879 Australian politician Joseph Lyons was born. Birthday
1857 American politician William H. Taft was born. Birthday
1830 Mexican politician Porfirio Diaz was born. Birthday
1821 Independence Day of Costa Rica. National Holiday
1821 Independence Day of El Salvador. National Holiday
1821 Independence Day of Guatemala. National Holiday
1821 Independence Day of Honduras. National Holiday
1821 Independence Day of Nicaragua. National Holiday
1644 Papacy of Pope Innocent X began. Papacy began
1590 Papacy of Pope Urban VII began. Papacy began
197 New Zealand cricketer Nathan Astle was born. Birthday
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