Pettikadai | Tamil Movie Review | 2019

Pettikadai movie is about how new changes in the society has affected the people in India. As online markets and super markets have suppressed small road side shops, they decides to fight back forms the concept of the movie.

The trailer raises a question "Government says, they are on people's side, every leaders also says they does good for people, then who is against people?".

The games in Tamil Nadu are praised in the movie because of the brave attitude in each game. And also political issues in Tamil Nadu are also shown in the movie.

The film received negative reviews and poor ratings because of incompleteness in the ideas.

Director Esakki Karvannan
Starring Samuthirakani, Chandini
Production Lakshmi Creations
Music by Mariya Manohar
Written by Esakki Karvannan

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