November 6 | On this Day

Year Description Category
2017 Astronaut from United States, Richard Gordon died. Death day
2015 Israeli politician Yitzhak Navon died. Death day
1992 Supercentenarian from United Kingdom, Rosa Ann Comfort died at the age of 113 years, 290 days. Death day
1988 American actress Emma Stone was born. Birthday
1987 Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic was born. Birthday
1986 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Pavel Maletin was born. Birthday
1976 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Sergej Dyachkov was born. Birthday
1964 chemist Hans von Euler-Chelpin died. Death day
1959 Filipino politician Jose P. Laurel died. Death day
1955 American economist Paul Romer was born. Birthday
1948 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Robert Hübner was born. Birthday
1946 American actress Sally Field was born. Birthday
1935 Golfer from United States, Johnny Pott was born. Birthday
1932 Belgian physicist Francois Englert was born. Birthday
1931 American film director Mike Nichols was born. Birthday
1861 Canadian-American physical educator and innovator James Naismith was born. Birthday
1851 American journalist Charles Dow was born. Birthday
1814 Belgian inventor Adolphe Sax was born. Birthday
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