November 10 | On this Day

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2014 Blank Space, one of the most popular youtube videos was uploaded. Release Date
2006 American actor Jack Palance died. Death day
2003 Zimbabwean politician Canaan Banana died. Death day
2000 French politician Jacques Chaban-Delmas died. Death day
1985 Chinese diver Minxia Wu was born. Birthday
1985 Chinese badminton player Wang Xin was born. Birthday
1979 Chess grandmaster from Albania, Erald Dervishi was born. Birthday
1978 Chess grandmaster from Poland, Bartosz Soćko was born. Birthday
1971 Merpati Nusantara Airlines Viscount (PK-MVS) aircraft incident at Mentawai Strait, off Padang, Indonesia, killed 69 people. Man-Made Disaster
1966 Astronaut from United States, Mark Vande Hei was born. Birthday
1954 Chess grandmaster from Canada, Kevin Spraggett was born. Birthday
1944 English author and lyricist Tim Rice was born. Birthday
1942 American economist Robert F. Engle was born. Birthday
1940 Chess grandmaster from Spain, Miodrag Todorcevic was born. Birthday
1938 Turkish politician Mustafa K. Ataturk died. Death day
1933 Astronaut from United States, Ronald Evans was born. Birthday
1929 American lyricist and songwriter Marilyn Bergman was born. Birthday
1922 Magnitude 8.5 earthquake in Atacama Region, Chile Catamarca Province, Argentina. This is one of the largest earthquake by magnitude. Natural Disaster
1919 Russian general and inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov was born. Birthday
1918 German chemist Ernst Otto Fischer was born. Birthday
1904 Thai politician Tawee Boonyaket was born. Birthday
1896 Switzerland/Germany inventor Andreas Stihl was born. Birthday
1845 Canadian politician John Thompson was born. Birthday
1549 Pope Paul III died. Death day
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