Meghalaya | Facts and Figures


Capital : Shillong

Shillong is known as "Scotland of the East".

Statehood : 21 January 1972

The state was formed from Assam in 1972.

Area : 22,429 km2

Meghalaya is the 23th largest state by area.

Population : 29+ Lakhs

Based on 2011 census, population in Meghalaya is more than 29 Lakhs and ranks 23rd position. Therefore the population density is 130 persons per square kilometer.

Language : English

Number of Districts :11

Below are the districts in Meghalaya:

  1. East Garo Hills
  2. East Jaintia Hills
  3. East Khasi Hills
  4. North Garo Hills
  5. Ri Bhoi
  6. South Garo Hills
  7. South West Garo Hills
  8. South West Khasi Hills
  9. West Garo Hills
  10. West Jaintia Hills
  11. West Khasi Hills

Vehicle registration code: ML

Literacy rate : 75%

According to 2011 census, Meghalaya stands 17th in literacy rate among states.

State Animal : Clouded leopard

State Bird : Hill myna

State Tree : White teak

State Flower : Lady slipper orchid

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