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2018 Girls Like You, one of the most popular youtube videos was uploaded. Release Date
2013 Counting Stars, one of the most popular youtube videos was uploaded. Release Date
2006 American chemist and physicist Raymond Davis, Jr. died. Death day
2000 Bulgarian politician Petar Mladenov died. Death day
1994 Chess grandmaster from United States, Dariusz Świercz was born. Birthday
1988 Indonesian badminton player Tommy Sugiarto was born. Birthday
1986 American physicist James Rainwater died. Death day
1986 Chess grandmaster from Czech Republic, Jan Bernášek was born. Birthday
1984 Chess grandmaster from Georgia, David Arutinian was born. Birthday
1983 Chess grandmaster from China, Ni Hua was born. Birthday
1976 French biochemist Jacques Monod died. Death day
1971 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Mikhail Ulibin was born. Birthday
1948 Belarusian investigative journalist Svetlana Alexievich was born. Birthday
1943 American country musician and songwriter Wayne Carson was born. Birthday
1941 American pharmacologist Louis Ignarro was born. Birthday
1941 American economist William Nordhaus was born. Birthday
1935 New Zealand politician Jim Bolger was born. Birthday
1931 American physicist John Robert Schrieffer was born. Birthday
1930 American film director Clint Eastwood was born. Birthday
1926 Hungarian-born American mathematician and computer scientist John G. Kemeny was born. Birthday
1911 French economist Maurice Allais was born. Birthday
1908 American actor Don Ameche was born. Birthday
1905 61 people died in Prison fire at Buenos Aires, Argentina. Man-Made Disaster
1887 French poet Saint-John Perse was born. Birthday
1883 Finnish politician Lauri Kristian Relander was born. Birthday
1880 French chemist and inventor Hippolyte Mege-Mouries died. Death day
1857 Pope Pius XI was born. Birthday
1852 German microbiologist Julius Richard Petri was born. Birthday
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