May 2 | On this Day

Year Description Category
2001 American inventor Samuel Face died. Death day
2000 Chess grandmaster from United States, Arthur Dake died. Death day
1997 Australian neurophysiologist John Eccles died. Death day
1987 Chinese badminton player Lu Lan was born. Birthday
1984 Swiss basketball player Thabo Sefolosha was born. Birthday
1983 Thai politician Pridi Banomyong died. Death day
1982 Chess grandmaster from Cuba, Lázaro Bruzón Batista was born. Birthday
1979 Italian chemist Giulio Natta died. Death day
1978 Chess grandmaster from France, Igor-Alexandre Nataf was born. Birthday
1975 English footballer David Beckham was born. Birthday
1975 Astronaut from United States, Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger was born. Birthday
1972 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Maxim Novikov was born. Birthday
1971 Sumo wrestler Musashimaru was born. Birthday
1969 West Indian cricketer Brian Lara was born. Birthday
1960 Macedonian politician Gjorge Ivanov was born. Birthday
1960 American banker Michael Corbat was born. Birthday
1957 Chess grandmaster from Brazil, Jaime Sunye Neto was born. Birthday
1957 Astronaut from United States, Dominic Gorie was born. Birthday
1949 Chess grandmaster from Serbia, Vladimir Raicevic was born. Birthday
1947 British inventor James Dyson was born. Birthday
1934 Russian/Soviet chemist and inventor Sergei Lebedev died. Death day
1929 French politician Edouard Balladur was born. Birthday
1908 French microbiologist Charles Chamberland died. Death day
1844 African-American inventor and engineer Elijah McCoy was born. Birthday
1737 British politician William Petty was born. Birthday
1519 Italian polymath and painter Leonardo da Vinci died. Death day
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