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2016 EgyptAir Flight 804 aircraft incident at eastern Mediterranean Sea, killed 66 people. Man-Made Disaster
2009 American biochemist Robert F. Furchgott died. Death day
2009 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Alexander Panchenko died. Death day
2004 Hollywood film Shrek 2 was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
2002 Australian politician John Gorton died. Death day
2000 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Yevgeny Khrunov died. Death day
1999 Hollywood film Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
1998 Japanese politician Sosuke Uno died. Death day
1995 Chess grandmaster from Armenia, Hovhannes Gabuzyan was born. Birthday
1995 Hollywood film Die Hard with a Vengeance was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
1993 SAM Colombia Flight 501 aircraft incident at La Canada, near Medellín, Colombia, killed 132 people. Man-Made Disaster
1992 English singer and songwriter Sam Smith was born. Birthday
1983 Chess grandmaster from Belarus, Sergei Azarov was born. Birthday
1976 Chess grandmaster from England, Jonathan Parker was born. Birthday
1975 Chinese badminton player Zhang Ning was born. Birthday
1973 Aeroflot Flight 109 aircraft incident at Area of Chita, Russian SFSR, USSR, killed 82 people. Man-Made Disaster
1970 Golfer from South Korea, K. J. Choi was born. Birthday
1958 English born actor Ronald Colman died. Death day
1958 American businessman Herbert Fisk Johnson III was born. Birthday
1956 Chess grandmaster from Bulgaria, Ventzislav Inkiov was born. Birthday
1955 Astronaut from United States, Pierre Thuot was born. Birthday
1955 Canadian computer scientist James Gosling was born. Birthday
1948 Astronaut from France, Jean-Pierre Haigneré was born. Birthday
1939 Astronaut from United States, Francis Scobee was born. Birthday
1919 Mount Kelud volcano in Indonesia killed around 5000 people. This is one of the deadliest volcanic eruptions. Natural Disaster
1914 Austrian-born British chemist Max Perutz was born. Birthday
1913 Indian politician Neelam Sanjiva Reddy was born. Birthday
1898 British politician William Ewart Gladstone died. Death day
1881 Turkish politician Mustafa K. Ataturk was born. Birthday
1862 Portuguese politician Joao do Canto e Castro was born. Birthday
1769 Papacy of Pope Clement XIV began. Papacy began
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