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2019 Australian politician Bob Hawke died. Death day
2013 Swiss physicist Heinrich Rohrer died. Death day
2005 Sumo wrestler Daiki died. Death day
2003 Chess grandmaster from Poland, Bogdan Śliwa died. Death day
1973 Chess grandmaster from Bulgaria, Evgeni Janev was born. Birthday
1970 Argentine tennis player Gabriela Sabatini was born. Birthday
1960 Chess grandmaster from Georgia, Zurab Azmaiparashvili was born. Birthday
1954 Astronaut from Canada, Dafydd Williams was born. Birthday
1950 German physicist Johannes Georg Bednorz was born. Birthday
1947 English biochemist Frederick Gowland Hopkins died. Death day
1945 Astronaut from United States, Brewster Shaw was born. Birthday
1928 English manufacturer and inventor Frederick Walton died. Death day
1925 Brazilian footballer Nílton Santos was born. Birthday
1923 American economist Merton Miller was born. Birthday
1923 77 people died in Cleveland school fire at Camden, South Carolina, United States. Man-Made Disaster
1916 Israeli politician Ephraim Katzir was born. Birthday
1909 Austrian-born engineer and physicist Rudolf Kompfner was born. Birthday
1905 American actor Henry Fonda was born. Birthday
1903 American inventor Charles F. Brannock was born. Birthday
1883 Turkish politician Celal Bayar was born. Birthday
1846 German inventor Ottomar Anschutz was born. Birthday
1831 British-American inventor David Edward Hughes was born. Birthday
1828 English inventor Sir William Congreve died. Death day
1611 Pope Innocent XI was born. Birthday
1605 Papacy of Pope Paul V began. Papacy began
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