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2015 74 people died in Kentex slipper factory fire at Valenzuela City, Philippines. Man-Made Disaster
2008 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Valery Grechihin died. Death day
2003 Greece's first artificial satellite Hellas-Sat 2 was launched. Launch Day
1999 Golfer from United States, Gene Sarazen died. Death day
1994 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Vladimir Antoshin died. Death day
1992 Korean-American electrical engineer Dawon Kahng died. Death day
1988 Chess grandmaster from Slovenia, Luka Lenič was born. Birthday
1987 Chess grandmaster from Argentina, Sandro Mareco was born. Birthday
1986 Hollywood film Top Gun was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
1985 Soviet Russian aircraft designer Alexander Mikulin died. Death day
1984 Sumo wrestler Tokushinho was born. Birthday
1980 Japanese politician Fumio Goto died. Death day
1974 Golfer from United States, Denny Shute died. Death day
1972 118 people died in Sennichi department store fire at Osaka, Japan. Man-Made Disaster
1968 Australian politician Scott Morrison was born. Birthday
1966 Chess grandmaster from Bangladesh, Niaz Murshed was born. Birthday
1961 American actor Gary Cooper died. Death day
1960 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Eckhard Schmittdiel was born. Birthday
1957 Astronaut from France, Claudie Haigneré was born. Birthday
1956 Astronaut from Russia, Aleksandr Kaleri was born. Birthday
1942 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Vladimir Dzhanibekov was born. Birthday
1938 Swiss physicist Charles Edouard Guillaume died. Death day
1937 English inventor Trevor Baylis was born. Birthday
1931 Chess grandmaster from Belgium, Andrija Fuderer was born. Birthday
1930 Norwegian explorer, scientist and humanitarian Fridtjof Nansen died. Death day
1927 Chess grandmaster from Yugoslavia, Rudolf Marić was born. Birthday
1925 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Ratmir Kholmov was born. Birthday
1905 Indian politician Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was born. Birthday
1883 Greek pathologist Georgios Papanikolaou was born. Birthday
1878 American inventor Otto Schmitt was born. Birthday
1878 German designer and inventor Christian Schnabel was born. Birthday
1878 American scientist Joseph Henry died. Death day
1857 British medical doctor Ronald Ross was born. Birthday
1857 American inventor Arthur William Savage was born. Birthday
1811 Mexican politician Juan Bautista Ceballos was born. Birthday
1792 Pope Pius IX was born. Birthday
1730 British politician Charles Watson-Wentworth was born. Birthday
1655 Pope Innocent XIII was born. Birthday
1647 Magnitude 8.5 earthquake in Santiago, Chile. This is one of the largest earthquake by magnitude. Natural Disaster
1572 Papacy of Pope Gregory XIII began. Papacy began
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