March 23 | On this Day

Year Description Category
2011 British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor died. Death day
2003 In Cricket World Cup finals, Australia won against India by 125 runs at Wanderers, Johannesburg, South Africa. World Cup Finals
1994 Aeroflot Flight 593 aircraft incident at near Mezhdurechensk, Russia, killed 75 people. Man-Made Disaster
1992 Anglo-Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek died. Death day
1992 Chess grandmaster from Italy, Axel Rombaldoni was born. Birthday
1991 Chess grandmaster from Armenia, Robert Hovhannisyan was born. Birthday
1988 British cyclist Jason Kenny was born. Birthday
1976 British cyclist Chris Hoy was born. Birthday
1973 American basketball player Jason Kidd was born. Birthday
1968 English cricketer Michael Atherton was born. Birthday
1959 American businessman and inventor Sam Born died. Death day
1956 Republic Day of Pakistan. National Holiday
1955 Brazilian politician Artur Bernardes died. Death day
1951 US Air Force (49-0244) aircraft incident at area of Biscay Abyssal Plain, Atlantic Ocean, killed 53 people. Man-Made Disaster
1937 Chess grandmaster from Israel, Vladimir Liberzon was born. Birthday
1931 Chess grandmaster from Switzerland, Viktor Korchnoi was born. Birthday
1927 Chess grandmaster from Croatia, Mato Damjanović was born. Birthday
1924 American typist and inventor Bette Nesmith Graham was born. Birthday
1907 Swiss-born Italian pharmacologist Daniel Bovet was born. Birthday
1905 American actress Joan Crawford was born. Birthday
1885 Mexican politician Roque Gonzalez Garza was born. Birthday
1882 German mathematician Emmy Noether was born. Birthday
1881 French novelist Roger Martin du Gard was born. Birthday
1881 German chemist Hermann Staudinger was born. Birthday
1872 New Zealand politician Michael Joseph Savage was born. Birthday
1862 Mexican politician Manuel Robles Pezuela died. Death day
1858 German politician and pacifist Ludwig Quidde was born. Birthday
1555 Pope Julius III died. Death day
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