Kerala | Facts and Figures


Capital : Thiruvananthapuram

The city is formerly known as Trivandrum. Mahatma Gandhi referred this city as "Evergreen city of India".


Statehood : November 1, 1956

The Kerala state was created on 1st November of 1956. The formation day of Kerala is known as "Kerala Piravi".


Area : 38,863 km2

Kerala is the 22nd largest state by area.


Population : 3.3+ crores

Based on 2011 census, population in Kerala is more than 3.3 crores and ranks 13th position. Therefore the population density is 860 persons per square kilometer.


Language : Malayalam


Below are the letters in the language.

അ ആ ഇ ഈ ഉ ഊ ഋ ൠ ഌ ൡ എ ഏ ഐ ഒ ഓ ഔ

ക ഖ ഗ ഘ ങ ച ഛ ജ ഝ ഞ ട ഠ ഡ ഢ ണ ത ഥ ദ ധ ന പ ഫ ബ ഭ മ യ ര ല വ ശ ഷ സ ഹ ള ഴ റ


Number of Districts : 14

Below are the districts in Kerala

  1. Alappuzha
  2. Ernakulam
  3. Idukki
  4. Kannur
  5. Kasaragod
  6. Kollam
  7. Kottayam
  8. Kozhikode
  9. Malappuram
  10. Palakkad
  11. Pathanamthitta
  12. Thiruvananthapuram
  13. Thrissur
  14. Wayanad

Vehicle registration code: KL

Literacy rate : 94%

According to 2011 census, Kerala stands first in literacy rate.

State Animal : Elephant

State Bird : Great Hornbill

State Flower : Cassia fistula

State Tree : Coconut tree

State Dance : Kathakali

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