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2017 Accident in Kuzuluk Aquapark, located at Akyazi, Turkey killed 5. Man-Made Disaster
2017 Latvia's first artificial satellite Venta 1 was launched. Launch Day
2017 Slovakia's first artificial satellite skCUBE was launched. Launch Day
2013 Golfer from United States, Frank Stranahan died. Death day
1997 Chinese badminton player Chen Qingchen was born. Birthday
1995 Chess grandmaster from Spain, David Anton Guijarro was born. Birthday
1995 American medical researcher Jonas Edward Salk died. Death day
1993 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Oliver Mihok was born. Birthday
1985 Air India Flight 182 aircraft incident at Atlantic Ocean, area of Cork, Ireland, killed 329 people. Man-Made Disaster
1984 Chinese badminton player Du Jing was born. Birthday
1980 Italian tennis player Francesca Schiavone was born. Birthday
1980 West Indian cricketer Ramnaresh Sarwan was born. Birthday
1980 Indian politician V. V. Giri died. Death day
1979 In Cricket World Cup finals, West Indies won against England by 92 runs at Lord's, London. World Cup Finals
1976 French footballer Patrick Vieira was born. Birthday
1972 French footballer Zinedine Zidane was born. Birthday
1971 Chess grandmaster from Israel, Vitali Golod was born. Birthday
1969 Aeroflot Flight 831 and Soviet Air Force An-12 aircraft incident at Poroslitsy, Yukhnovsky, Russian SFSR, USSR, killed 120 people. Man-Made Disaster
1968 Puerta 12 crush in Argentina killed 71 people. Man-Made Disaster
1965 Swedish businessman Hans Vestberg was born. Birthday
1958 Chess grandmaster from Dominican Republic, Ramon Mateo was born. Birthday
1957 American actress Frances McDormand was born. Birthday
1954 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Sergey Arkhipov was born. Birthday
1950 Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501 aircraft incident at Lake Michigan, off Benton Harbor, Michigan, US, killed 58 people. Man-Made Disaster
1943 American Internet pioneer Vint Cerf was born. Birthday
1937 Finnish politician Martti Ahtisaari was born. Birthday
1937 Finnish politician Martti Ahtisaari was born. Birthday
1936 Greek politician Konstantinos Simitis was born. Birthday
1930 Astronaut from United States, Donn Eisele was born. Birthday
1927 American film director Bob Fosse was born. Birthday
1925 British-American geneticist Oliver Smithies was born. Birthday
1916 English cricketer Len Hutton was born. Birthday
1910 Golfer from United States, Lawson Little was born. Birthday
1907 British economist James Meade was born. Birthday
1894 King of the United Kingdom, Edward VIII was born. Birthday
1893 New Zealand politician William Fox died. Death day
1859 French industrialist Edouard Michelin was born. Birthday
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