February 27 | On this Day

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2010 Magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Offshore Maule, Chile. This is one of the largest earthquake by magnitude. Natural Disaster
2003 Bulgarian American inventor Peter Petroff died. Death day
1998 American doctor George H. Hitchings died. Death day
1994 The closing ceremony of XXI Olympic Winter Games, or 1994 Winter olympics was held in Lillehammer.
1994 Chess grandmaster from China, Hou Yifan was born. Birthday
1991 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Gergely Aczel was born. Birthday
1989 Austrian zoologist and ethologist Konrad Lorenz died. Death day
1986 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Gedeon Barcza died. Death day
1983 American basketball player Devin Harris was born. Birthday
1978 Astronaut from France, Thomas Pesquet was born. Birthday
1973 Chess grandmaster from North Macedonia, Trajce Nedev was born. Birthday
1964 Chess grandmaster from United States, Alexander Goldin was born. Birthday
1960 Ecuadorian tennis player Andres Gomez was born. Birthday
1942 American chemist Robert H. Grubbs was born. Birthday
1936 Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov died. Death day
1936 Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov died. Death day
1932 British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor was born. Birthday
1930 American actress Joanne Woodward was born. Birthday
1929 Brazilian footballer Djalma Santos was born. Birthday
1926 Canadian American neurophysiologist David H. Hubel was born. Birthday
1918 614 people died in Happy Valley Racecourse fire at Hong Kong. Man-Made Disaster
1906 American astronomer and inventor Samuel P. Langley died. Death day
1904 Russian physicist Yulii Khariton was born. Birthday
1902 American author John Steinbeck was born. Birthday
1902 Golfer from United States, Gene Sarazen was born. Birthday
1865 Chess grandmaster from England, Jacques Mieses was born. Birthday
1844 Independence Day of Dominican Republic. National Holiday
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