Best Animation Movies 2008


Release Date June 27, 2008
Directed by Andrew Stanton
Production Company Pixar Animation Studios
Distribution Company Walt Disney Pictures
Genre Fantasy, Sci-Fi
NewGen Rating 8.5/10
Duration 98 Minutes

2) Kung Fu Panda

Release Date June 06, 2008
Directed by John Stevenson, Mark Osborne
Production Company DreamWorks Animation
Distribution Company Paramount Pictures
Genre Adventure, Action
NewGen Rating 8/10
Duration  92 Minutes

3) Bolt

Release Date November 21, 2008
Directed by Chris Williams, Byron Howard
Production Company Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distribution Company Walt Disney Pictures
Genre Adventure, Drama
NewGen Rating 8/10
Duration 96 Minutes

4) Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Release Date November 7, 2008
Directed by Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath
Production Company DreamWorks Animation
Distribution Company Paramount Pictures
Genre Action, Adventure
NewGen Rating 7/10
Duration 89 Minutes

5) Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Release Date August 15, 2008
Directed by Dave Filoni
Production Company Lucasfilm Animation
Distribution Company Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre Action, Sci-Fi
NewGen Rating 5/10
Duration 98 Minutes

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