August 6 | On this Day

Year Description Category
2012 American music composer Marvin Hamlisch died. Death day
2011 Filipina pediatrician Fe del Mundo died. Death day
2000 Chess grandmaster from Argentina, Raúl Sanguineti died. Death day
1997 Korean Air Flight 801 aircraft incident at Asan, Guam, U.S., killed 228 people. Man-Made Disaster
1994 Italian singer and songwriter Domenico Modugno died. Death day
1988 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Anatoly Levchenko died. Death day
1987 Malaysian badminton player Liew Daren was born. Birthday
1984 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Vladimir Belov was born. Birthday
1983 Chess grandmaster from Lithuania, Viktorija Čmilytė was born. Birthday
1981 Italian aeronautical engineer Corradino D'Ascanio died. Death day
1979 German biochemist Feodor Felix Konrad Lynen died. Death day
1978 Pope Paul VI died. Death day
1966 Golfer from United States, Billy Mayfair was born. Birthday
1965 Sumo wrestler Kushimaumi was born. Birthday
1964 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Stanislav Voitsekhovsky was born. Birthday
1962 Independence Day of Jamaica. National Holiday
1962 Astronaut from United States, Gregory Chamitoff was born. Birthday
1950 Astronaut from United States, Winston Scott was born. Birthday
1948 Golfer from England, Cyril Walker died. Death day
1943 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Helmut Pfleger was born. Birthday
1938 Golfer from United States, Bert Yancey was born. Birthday
1933 Thai politician Suchinda Kraprayoon was born. Birthday
1922 Golfer from United States, Doug Ford was born. Birthday
1906 New Zealand politician George Waterhouse died. Death day
1881 Scottish biologist and physician Alexander Fleming was born. Birthday
1881 Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming was born. Birthday
1876 American electrical engineer and inventor Miller Reese Hutchison was born. Birthday
1844 South african civil engineer James Henry Greathead was born. Birthday
1825 Independence Day of Bolivia. National Holiday
1804 Dutch politician Justinus van der Brugghen was born. Birthday
1623 Papacy of Pope Urban VIII began. Papacy began
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