August 25 | On this Day

Year Description Category
2018 19 people died in Hotel fire at Harbin, China. Man-Made Disaster
2016 American physicist James Cronin died. Death day
2012 Astronaut from United States, Neil Armstrong died. Death day
2007 French politician Raymond Barre died. Death day
1989 Pakistan International Airlines Flight 404 aircraft incident at Bunji, Pakistan, killed 54 people. Man-Made Disaster
1986 Chinese badminton player Zhao Yunlei was born. Birthday
1984 Soviet gymnast Viktor Chukarin died. Death day
1984 Indonesian badminton player Hendra Setiawan was born. Birthday
1982 South Korean badminton player Chung Jae Sung was born. Birthday
1976 Swedish novelist Eyvind Johnson died. Death day
1975 Australian swimmer Petria Thomas was born. Birthday
1967 Australian politician Stanley Bruce died. Death day
1967 American actor Paul Muni died. Death day
1965 Astronaut from United States, Andrew Feustel was born. Birthday
1964 Chess grandmaster from Greece, Vasilios Kotronias was born. Birthday
1962 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Alexander Graf was born. Birthday
1960 The opening ceremony of Games of the XVII Olympiad, or 1960 Summer olympics was held in Rome.
1960 Astronaut from United States, Lee Archambault was born. Birthday
1945 American sport shooter Willis Augustus Lee died. Death day
1943 Swedish inventor and industrialist Johan Petter Johansson died. Death day
1940 French industrialist Edouard Michelin died. Death day
1934 Iranian politician Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was born. Birthday
1930 Scottish actor Sean Connery was born. Birthday
1928 German physicist Herbert Kroemer was born. Birthday
1916 American pediatrician and virologist Frederick Chapman Robbins was born. Birthday
1912 German politician Erich Honecker was born. Birthday
1908 French physicist Henri Becquerel died. Death day
1900 German-born British biologist and physician Hans Adolf Krebs was born. Birthday
1867 English scientist Michael Faraday died. Death day
1850 French physiologist Charles Richet was born. Birthday
1841 Swiss physician Emil Theodor Kocher was born. Birthday
1825 Independence Day of Uruguay. National Holiday
1819 Scottish inventor James Watt died. Death day
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