10 Ways To Impress A Girl

1) Take the initiative

Most of the men let women decide for them. But women are not attracted to those men, instead men who can lead and take initiatives.

So when interacting with a girl whether in relationship or date, take initiatives and make decisions.

2) Be a man

Never agree for everything she says. If you are not comfortable with something she says, then you should reject it and make her understand. When you fail to reject, you appear weak and she may have a feeling that you don't have any opinions of your own.

3) Don't talk about yourself

When you talk more about yourself, you become more predictable and boring. Women get the impression that you are trying to prove how worthy you are for this company. Instead, talk about something which makes her feel interesting to hear from you. This will make you exceptional from other guys. So talk about yourself only when the relevant situation arrives but make it short.

4) Gifts and surprises

Make the woman you want to get impressed special from other women around her by gifting flowers, chocolates or something which she loves most. During special occasions like her birthday, present her with a unique gift that highlights you among others. Try not to focus on the money value of the gift because some precious gifts cannot be valued by money. Even though writing letters are outdated in the present digital world, a short love letter in your handwriting can give her a simple surprise. Women expect their boyfriend to be unpredictable by giving her unexpected surprises.

5) Be romantic

Girls love romantic guys. Take your girlfriend for a candlelight dinner or some romantic ambiances. Tell her you love her so much at least once in a day. Make some romantic memories by taking memorable selfies, by singing a song for her, by holding her hand, etc...

6) Show her that you care

Do something that your girlfriend loves to do like going shopping together, listening to her favorites music or watching movies of her preference. By doing this she will feel you as her best companion. Do her favors without expecting anything in return. Even though there is a conflict of interest between both of you, comprise some of your time for her interests. This will increase the depth of the relationship.

7) Stand out from others

More attractive a girl, she receives more attention from guys. But you should stand out from others by ignoring her. In that way, she will look at you from a different perspective.

8) Appreciate and compliment her

You should use every chance to appreciate your girl even for the small things she does for you. Compliment her looks, dress and her actions regularly. Praise her good qualities in front of friends.

9) Have self-control and discipline

Women get attracted to guys with self-control and discipline. She will respect you more when you respect her feelings and opinions.

10) Don't give up easily

Most of the guys easily give up when the girl they like rejects them. It is obvious that most of the girls show resistance when guys approach them. A girl finds there is something interesting in a guy when he doesn't leave her easily even after a series of rejection. And also never trouble her at any situation when you failed to impress her. This improves her comfort with you and slowly she will come out of insecurity feeling.

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