Tennis is played using a racket and a ball either between two players, or between two teams of two members each.

Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal

Serena Williams

Australian Open

Australian Open is the highest attended tennis tournament. The tournament was known as 'Australasian Championships' when it was first founded in 1905. Later, it was renamed to 'Australian Championships' in 1927, and then to the current name 'Australian Open' in 1969. The game was played on grass courts till 1988, and then moved to hard courts.

French OpenĀ 

French Open is held every year mostly in the months of May and June. The tournament is also known asĀ Roland-Garros. It is the only clay court tennis tournament out of the four Grand Slam tournaments. The tournament was founded in the year 1891.


Wimbledon is the oldest of the Grand Slams, started in the year 1877. This is the only Grand Slam tournament still played on grass. The tournament is held at the All England Club in London. At the tournament, traditionally, fans consume strawberries and cream.

US open

US Open was first started in the year 1881. When it was founded, the game was played on grass courts (1881-1974) and later moved to clay courts (1975-1977) and it is now played on hard courts.


1) The person who wins the toss have the option to choose either to serve first or the side to receive the serve from the opponent.

2) A player needs 4 points to win a game. 1 point = 15 scores, 2 point = 30 scores, 3 point = 40 scores.

3) If both player lands on 40 scores, then it is called a deuce. If a player has to win from a deuce, he has to score two more points. The player is on Advantage when he scores 1 point from deuce. If the player wins one more point then the player wins the game. At the same time, if the opponent score one point, it again comes back to deuce.

4) The player who wins 6/7 games wins the set, and a maximum of 5 sets are played for the men's game, and a maximum of 3 sets for the women's game.