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Varathan which means “Outsider” in english is a malayalam movie directed by Amal Neerad released on September 20 of 2018. The movie is co produced by Nazriya Nazim and Amal Neerad. The running time is 130 minutes.

Aby (Fahadh Fazil) and his wife Priya (Aishwarya Lekshmi) returns back to Kerala from Dubai as he lost his job and her wife suggested a break from Dubai life. They stayed in Priya’s mom’s home and later they moved to their ancestral property in a village where Priya spend her childhood days. Local people were looking at her in a wrong attitude as she is living a modern lifestyle. She gets disturbed as it was continuing as the days goes. Then some of her schoolmates started irritating her by peeping when she is in bathroom and keeping mobile camera near bathroom window. These made her loose control and was more worried on seeing Aby not taking any brave action on these incidents. Later one day when Aby was not in the village, Priya was going in cycle to her old school near by to visit library. On the way she met with an accident with the jeep driven by old schoolmates gang who were disturbing her. They took her in their jeep and put her in front of a nearby hospital and escaped. Aby comes in search of her as she is not accessible through mobile. Meanwhile a boy was in relation with sister of the guys who was disturbing Priya. The boy and the girl was caught red handed and they were beating him so badly. He escaped from the place somehow.
Aby finally located his wife in the hospital and she was brought home as she had minor injuries because of the accident. Later she revealed to Aby that she was sexually harassed by those people when she was unconscious. Aby started to feel bad for this incident so badly. Suddenly the boy who escaped from the beatings from those people and his mother came running towards Aby and asked for help as those people are coming behind to kill him. Aby started to plan to use this situation to take revenge on those guys. He showed his talents and ability to defend his wife, the boy and the mother from those people by using whatever resources he had at the house. He finally succeeded in defending their attack by making them surrender and his wife’s revenge is satisfied.

The movie is a stylish thriller worth watching in theaters. The story is simple and sometimes it drags. The Amal Neerad’s direction is fabulous as usual. The climax scene is the best part of the movie.

Song Lyrics :

    Puthiyoru Pathayil

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