Tips to read before proposing a girl

After getting into a relationship or after the wedding, one of the most remembered moments would be the proposal day or the day when both started their relationship. Below are a few tips to propose to the girl you love. Before proposing, you should know which kind of proposal will impress her most and fall for you because you can't take another chance of proposing the same girl.

1) Be natural

The best way of proposal is proposing in your own way. Don't try to imitate others.

2) Romantic dinner

Take her to a restaurant with a romantic ambiance and order her favorite dishes, request the server to play her favorite songs and propose while having deserts. You can keep a ring either inside a desert or in a champagne glass, but you should be careful when you do this.

3) Knees bend

One of the most romantic way of proposal is by bending your knees in front of the girl and ask out after pointing a ring or rose. If you have a violinist friend, you can ask him to play the violin in the background.

4) Beach

Drive down to a beach either for sunrise or sunset. Have some fun in the waves, sand and make her feel completely free from outside world happenings. Propose right at the peak of her happiness. And also you can write your proposal message using seashells or flowers on the beach.

5) Recreation

If you had a memorable first meet or date with her then recreating them before you propose would make her have an additional impression on you.

6) Take snaps or videos

Arrange yourself or with someone you are close to take photos/videos of your proposal moment. The recording would be an asset for the relationship and also it may play as an element to pull back to the relationship during the break up times.

7) Fireworks

Make an arrangement with your friends or with a firework shop and ask them to fire it exactly when you propose. For an alternative, you can also use hydrogen balloons and flew them when you propose. Don't forget to record a video of it.

8) Birthday

Make all the arrangements for her birthday. Invite her and your close friends/relations. Give her a grand surprise and make her feel that is the best birthday celebration she had. You can either propose in front of others or personally.

9) Gift

Buy her the most amazing gift she can get.

Some of the interesting gifts to present while proposing are

  • Rose
  • Ring

10) Favorite spot

If you know your girl's favorite spot, take her there and propose her.

11) Adventure

Take her to an adventure trip and give her the best moment. Propose her while starting back exactly when she expresses her happiness about the trip.

12) Sing a song

If you are a good singer, then sing a song for her and mention for whom is this song dedicated before singing. It would be more effective if you sing your own composition. If you are good at instruments, then you can play a piece of romantic music and propose her once you finish playing.

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