September 3 | On this Day

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2003 Chess grandmaster from India, Erigaisi Arjun was born. Birthday
1997 Vietnam Airlines Flight 815 aircraft incident at Phnom Penh, Cambodia, killed 65 people. Man-Made Disaster
1995 American multinational e-commerce corporation eBay was founded. Foundation day
1991 Italian-American film director Frank Capra died. Death day
1991 25 people died in Imperial Foods processing plant fire at Hamlet, North Carolina, United States. Man-Made Disaster
1989 Cubana de Aviación Flight 9646 aircraft incident at Havana, Cuba, killed 150 people. Man-Made Disaster
1987 Soviet inventor Alexander Nadiradze died. Death day
1986 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Imre Hera Jr. was born. Birthday
1981 Chess grandmaster from Azerbaijan, Rashad Babaev was born. Birthday
1976 Indian actor Vivek Oberoi was born. Birthday
1976 Fuerza Aérea Venezolana (7772) aircraft incident at Lajes, Azores, Portugal, killed 68 people. Man-Made Disaster
1975 Chess grandmaster from United States, Alexander Onischuk was born. Birthday
1969 Chess grandmaster from Romania, Vladislav Nevednichy was born. Birthday
1967 American actor James Dunn died. Death day
1962 Aeroflot Flight 3 aircraft incident at near Yelabuga, Tatar ASSR, Russian SFSR, USSR, killed 86 people. Man-Made Disaster
1944 Astronaut from United States, Sherwood Spring was born. Birthday
1938 Japanese chemist Ryoji Noyori was born. Birthday
1936 Tunisian politician Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was born. Birthday
1920 Hollywood film Way Down East was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
1914 Papacy of Pope Benedict XV began. Papacy began
1905 American physicist Carl David Anderson was born. Birthday
1900 Finnish politician Urho Kekkonen was born. Birthday
1899 Australian virologist Frank Macfarlane Burnet was born. Birthday
1895 British mechanical engineer Ralph Hart Tweddell died. Death day
1888 Brazilian politician Nereu Ramos was born. Birthday
1869 Slovenian and Austrian chemist Fritz Pregl was born. Birthday
1788 Swedish inventor Gustaf Erik Pasch was born. Birthday
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