September 10 | On this Day

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2012 British tennis player Andy Murray won his first title in 2012 US Open. Achievement
2011 American actor Cliff Robertson died. Death day
2007 American actress Jane Wyman died. Death day
2005 Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters won her first title in 2005 US Open. Achievement
2002 130 people died in Rafiganj train disaster. Man-Made Disaster
2001 Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt won his first title in 2001 US Open. Achievement
2001 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Alexey Suetin died. Death day
1995 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Leon Mons was born. Birthday
1990 American tennis player Pete Sampras won his first title in 1990 US Open. Achievement
1990 Chess grandmaster from Chile, Mauricio Flores Ríos was born. Birthday
1983 Swiss-American physicist Felix Bloch died. Death day
1983 Chess grandmaster from Romania, Victor Ciocâltea died. Death day
1980 Indian actor Jayam Ravi was born. Birthday
1980 South African film The Gods Must Be Crazy was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing non-English movies in the world. Release Date
1976 Brazilian tennis player Gustavo Kuerten was born. Birthday
1976 British Airways Flight 476 and Inex Adria Flight 550 aircraft incident at Vrbovec, SR Croatia, Yugoslavia, killed 176 people. Man-Made Disaster
1975 English physicist George Paget Thomson died. Death day
1974 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Valerij Popov was born. Birthday
1972 Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase won his first title in 1972 US Open. Achievement
1970 Australian cricketer Belinda Clark was born. Birthday
1967 National Day of Gibraltar. National Holiday
1966 Egyptian politician Muhammad Sedki Sulayman was born. Birthday
1961 President Airlines (N90773) aircraft incident at Shannon, Ireland, killed 83 people. Man-Made Disaster
1960 English actor Colin Firth was born. Birthday
1955 Finnish skier Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi was born. Birthday
1951 Golfer from United States, Bill Rogers was born. Birthday
1948 Astronaut from United States, Charles Simonyi was born. Birthday
1947 Golfer from United States, Larry Nelson was born. Birthday
1945 Puerto Rican musician and singer Jose Feliciano was born. Birthday
1945 Astronaut from United States, Richard Mullane was born. Birthday
1941 Chess grandmaster from Philippines, Rosendo Balinas Jr. was born. Birthday
1941 Japanese video game designer Gunpei Yokoi was born. Birthday
1933 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Yevgeny Khrunov was born. Birthday
1929 Golfer from United States, Arnold Palmer was born. Birthday
1915 American actor Edmond O'Brien was born. Birthday
1914 American film director Robert Wise was born. Birthday
1908 American composer and inventor Raymond Scott was born. Birthday
1893 Supercentenarian from Portugal, Maria de Jesus was born. She died at the age of 115 years, 114 days. Birthday
1892 American physicist Arthur Compton was born. Birthday
1891 American businessman and inventor Sam Born was born. Birthday
1887 Italian politician Giovanni Gronchi was born. Birthday
1786 Mexican politician Nicolas Bravo was born. Birthday
1487 Pope Julius III was born. Birthday
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