Questions you should ask for a successful relationship

Are you ready for this relationship?

You should not start a relationship just because your friends are having a partner. If you don't get the right partner, you will end up in trouble or getting hurt easily. Sometimes just because you are ready for the relationship, your crush/partner might not. So just confirm with them whether they are ready for the commitment.

Do you think I am the right person for you?

You might not be good looking as your partner, or they might be richer, more educated or higher in something. Sometimes your partner's expectation on you might be different. So get to know about all these and get confirmed whether they consider you as the right person for them.

If you had a relationship before, then why did you end it?

We end the relationship because of many factors. Some of them might be:

  • Your ex cheated on you
  • Your ex not interested in long term relationship
  • conflict of interests
  • differences in lifestyle

So if your partner had a relationship before, understand why they broke up and take preventive measures to no to bring them in the same situation.

What and who motivates you?

When we come across some romantic portions from movies, shows, plays or novels, we will have a motivation to start a relationship. Sometimes you might be motivated because of the love story of your parents, friends, relations, neighbors, etc.. So by knowing your partner's actual motive, you will come to know their real need in the relationship.

Have you ever cheated anyone in a relationship?

Relationship is mainly built upon trust. When it is lost, relationship breaks. Know whether your partner cheated anyone and understand their situation to cheat. If you are not convinced of their response, decide whether to move on or not.

What makes you happy the most?

Know what brings a smile on your partner. Taking your partner to a movie or a dinner, supporting in her activities, etc.. are some of the common replies.

What is your religious belief?

Know her religious beliefs and analyze whether both can adjust to each other's belief.

Do you like to get married to me?

All relationships need not be ending up in marriage. So ask this question to your partner and discuss what are the obstacles if they say no.

Whom do you love most in your life?

Mother, Father, siblings or cousins are the most common answers. You are the luckiest if you are that. Know their answers and understand why do they love the most.

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