October 7 | On this Day

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2014 Thinking Out Loud, one of the most popular youtube videos was uploaded. Release Date
2010 Macedonian politician Ljupco Jordanovski died. Death day
2008 Romanian-American cell biologist George Emil Palade died. Death day
1994 Danish immunologist Niels Kaj Jerne died. Death day
1986 New Zealand cricketer Amy Satterthwaite was born. Birthday
1983 Chess grandmaster from Serbia, Robert Markuš was born. Birthday
1980 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Andrey Deviatkin was born. Birthday
1979 Romanian gymnast Simona Amanar was born. Birthday
1978 Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan was born. Birthday
1972 Chess grandmaster from Netherlands, Loek van Wely was born. Birthday
1969 Astronaut from United States, Karen Nyberg was born. Birthday
1967 English journalist and author Norman Angell died. Death day
1967 American singer and songwriter Toni Braxton was born. Birthday
1956 American inventor Clarence Birdseye died. Death day
1952 Russian gymnast Ludmilla Tourischeva was born. Birthday
1952 Japanese politician Keisuke Okada died. Death day
1939 English chemist Harry Kroto was born. Birthday
1933 Chess grandmaster from England, Jonathan Penrose was born. Birthday
1931 South African Anglican cleric and theologian Desmond Tutu was born. Birthday
1919 Australian politician Alfred Deakin died. Death day
1914 Golfer from United States, Herman Keiser was born. Birthday
1885 Danish physicist Niels Bohr was born. Birthday
1825 Around 160–300 people died because of Miramichi Fire in Canada. This is one of the deadliest wildfires. Natural Disaster
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