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2017 Chess grandmaster from Monaco, Algimantas Butnorius died. Death day
2015 63 people died in Colectiv nightclub fire at Bucharest, Romania. Man-Made Disaster
2007 American singer and actor Robert Goulet died. Death day
2003 Chess grandmaster from Azerbaijan, Aidyn Guseinov died. Death day
2000 Chess grandmaster from United States, Jeffery Xiong was born. Birthday
1999 56 people died in Inchon Beer Bar Fire at Inchon, South Korea. Man-Made Disaster
1999 54 people died in Building fire at Incheon, South Korea. Man-Made Disaster
1996 American basketball player Devin Booker was born. Birthday
1991 Chess grandmaster from Cuba, Carlos Antonio Hevia Alejano was born. Birthday
1986 Chess grandmaster from Belgium, Bart Michiels was born. Birthday
1979 English scientist and inventor Barnes Wallis died. Death day
1978 Chess grandmaster from Spain, Herminio Herraiz Hidalgo was born. Birthday
1976 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Alexander Lastin was born. Birthday
1975 German physicist Gustav Ludwig Hertz died. Death day
1975 Inex-Adria Aviopromet Flight 450 aircraft incident at Prague, Czechoslovakia, killed 75 people. Man-Made Disaster
1971 34 people died in Under construction Jumbo Kingdom industrial fire at Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong. Man-Made Disaster
1970 Chess grandmaster from China, Xie Jun was born. Birthday
1964 Astronaut from United States, Sandra Magnus was born. Birthday
1963 Chess grandmaster from Brazil, Gilberto Milos was born. Birthday
1962 West Indian cricketer Courtney Walsh was born. Birthday
1961 Italian politician Luigi Einaudi died. Death day
1961 Astronaut from United States, Ronald Garan was born. Birthday
1960 Argentine footballer Diego Maradona was born. Birthday
1957 Chess grandmaster from Slovakia, Ľubomír Ftáčnik was born. Birthday
1957 Astronaut from Russia, Aleksandr Lazutkin was born. Birthday
1953 Astronaut from Russia, Aleksandr Poleshchuk was born. Birthday
1946 Astronaut from United States, Robert Gibson was born. Birthday
1941 German physicist Theodor W. Hänsch was born. Birthday
1940 American music composer Charles Fox was born. Birthday
1939 American Biologist Leland H. Hartwell was born. Birthday
1936 Soviet Ukrainian gymnast Polina Astakhova was born. Birthday
1931 Chess grandmaster from Bulgaria, Milko Bobotsov was born. Birthday
1928 American microbiologist Daniel Nathans was born. Birthday
1923 British politician Bonar Law died. Death day
1922 African-American inventor Marie Van Brittan Brown was born. Birthday
1915 Canadian politician Charles Tupper died. Death day
1910 Swiss businessman and social activist Henry Dunant died. He was the founder of the Red Cross. Death day
1900 Swedish scientist Ragnar Granit was born. Birthday
1896 American actress Ruth Gordon was born. Birthday
1895 German pathologist and bacteriologist Gerhard Domagk was born. Birthday
1895 American physiologist Dickinson W. Richards was born. Birthday
1893 Canadian politician John Abbott died. Death day
1889 Norwegian inventor and businessman Thor Bjorklund was born. Birthday
1882 Chess grandmaster from Czechoslovakia, Oldřich Duras was born. Birthday
1873 Mexican politician Francisco I. Madero was born. Birthday
1809 British politician William Cavendish-Bentinck died. Death day
1735 American politician John Adams was born. Birthday
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