October 23 | On this Day

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2015 Chess grandmaster from Croatia, Krunoslav Hulak died. Death day
2011 American chemist Herbert A. Hauptman died. Death day
1987 Chess grandmaster from Cuba, Camilo Ernesto Gomez Garrido was born. Birthday
1986 American biochemist Edward Adelbert Doisy died. Death day
1976 Chess grandmaster from United States, Gabriel Schwartzman was born. Birthday
1957 Indian entrepreneur Sunil Bharti Mittal was born. Birthday
1954 Taiwanese film director Ang Lee was born. Birthday
1944 British physicist Charles Glover Barkla died. Death day
1940 Brazilian footballer Pelé was born. Birthday
1935 Golfer from Puerto Rico, Chi-Chi RodrĂ­guez was born. Birthday
1921 Scottish inventor John Boyd Dunlop died. Death day
1908 Soviet physicist Ilya Frank was born. Birthday
1905 Swiss-American physicist Felix Bloch was born. Birthday
1905 Supercentenarian from Italy, Diega Cammalleri was born. She died at the age of 113 years, 235 days. Birthday
1885 Polish chemist Jan Czochralski was born. Birthday
1869 British politician Edward Smith-Stanley died. Death day
1849 Japanese politician Saionji Kinmochi was born. Birthday
1844 French inventor and physicist Edouard Branly was born. Birthday
1797 Dutch politician Jan Jacob Rochussen was born. Birthday
1762 American inventor Samuel Morey was born. Birthday
1760 Japanese surgeon Hanaoka Seishu was born. Birthday
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