October 1 | On this Day

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2000 The closing ceremony of Games of the XXVII Olympiad, or 2000 Summer olympics was held in Sydney.
1997 American engineer and inventor Jerome H. Lemelson died. Death day
1991 Chess grandmaster from United States, Samuel Shankland was born. Birthday
1989 American actress Brie Larson was born. Birthday
1986 Chess grandmaster from China, Zhou Weiqi was born. Birthday
1981 American software and media company Bloomberg L.P. was founded. Foundation day
1978 Independence Day of Tuvalu. National Holiday
1972 British-Australian film director Tom Hooper was born. Birthday
1972 Aeroflot Flight 1036 aircraft incident at Black Sea, off Adler, Russian SFSR, USSR, killed 109 people. Man-Made Disaster
1971 Chess grandmaster from Argentina, Diego Valerga was born. Birthday
1970 Swedish sports shooter Vilhelm Carlberg died. Death day
1970 Chess grandmaster from Brazil, Everaldo Matsuura was born. Birthday
1966 Liberian footballer George Weah was born. Birthday
1964 Astronaut from United States, Eric Boe was born. Birthday
1960 Independence Day of Cyprus. National Holiday
1960 Independence Day of Nigeria. National Holiday
1959 Italian politician Enrico De Nicola died. Death day
1956 British politician Theresa May was born. Birthday
1955 Indian businessman Dilip Shanghvi was born. Birthday
1950 Astronaut from Russia, Boris Morukov was born. Birthday
1949 National Day of Hong Kong. National Holiday
1947 Israeli chemist Aaron Ciechanover was born. Birthday
1945 Indian politician Ram Nath Kovind was born. Birthday
1939 Golfer from United States, George Archer was born. Birthday
1935 English actress Julie Andrews was born. Birthday
1924 American politician Jimmy Carter was born. Birthday
1922 Chinese physicist Chen Ning Yang was born. Birthday
1920 American actor Walter Matthau was born. Birthday
1903 Australian athlete Charlie Booth was born. Birthday
1895 Pakistani politician Liaquat Ali Khan was born. Birthday
1675 Scottish mathematician and astronomer James Gregory died. Death day
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