November 4 | On this Day

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2011 American physicist Norman Foster Ramsey, Jr. died. Death day
2010 Aero Caribbean Flight 883 aircraft incident at Guasimal, Cuba, killed 68 people. Man-Made Disaster
1999 West Indian cricketer Malcolm Marshall died. Death day
1998 American inventor and entrepreneu Marion O'Brien Donovan died. Death day
1995 Israeli politician Yitzhak Rabin died. Death day
1989 Chess grandmaster from Paraguay, Axel Bachmann was born. Birthday
1988 Japanese politician Takeo Miki died. Death day
1980 Chess grandmaster from Netherlands, Dennis de Vreugt was born. Birthday
1972 Portuguese footballer Luís Figo was born. Birthday
1970 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Andrey Zontakh was born. Birthday
1969 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Thomas Luther was born. Birthday
1969 American actor Matthew McConaughey was born. Birthday
1963 Mexican politician Pascual Ortiz Rubio died. Death day
1957 Australian politician Tony Abbott was born. Birthday
1952 Magnitude 9 earthquake in Kamchatka, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. This is one of the largest earthquake by magnitude. Natural Disaster
1951 Chess grandmaster from Philippines, Eugenio Torre was born. Birthday
1948 Hollywood film The Snake Pit was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
1933 Chinese physicist Charles K. Kao was born. Birthday
1921 Japanese politician Hara Takashi died. Death day
1919 American actor Martin Balsam was born. Birthday
1918 American actor Art Carney was born. Birthday
1916 American businesswoman and inventor Ruth Handler was born. Birthday
1913 American actor Gig Young was born. Birthday
1908 Polish physicist Joseph Rotblat was born. Birthday
1896 Filipino politician Carlos P. Garcia was born. Birthday
1890 Dutch politician Jacob van Zuylen van Nijevelt died. Death day
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