November 19 | On this Day

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2014 Uptown Funk, one of the most popular youtube videos was uploaded. Release Date
2014 American film director Mike Nichols died. Death day
2013 British chemist Frederick Sanger died. Death day
2004 English pharmacologist John Vane died. Death day
1992 American singer and songwriter Bobby Russell died. Death day
1988 Chess grandmaster from Israel, Anatoly Bykhovsky was born. Birthday
1983 Chess grandmaster from United States, Varuzhan Akobian was born. Birthday
1981 Sumo wrestler Higonoryu was born. Birthday
1978 Indian Air Force aircraft incident at Leh, India, killed 78 people. Man-Made Disaster
1977 TAP Portugal Flight 425 aircraft incident at Santa Cruz, Madeira, killed 131 people. Man-Made Disaster
1976 American computer programmer Jack Dorsey was born. Birthday
1975 Japanese metallurgist Tokushichi Mishima died. Death day
1964 Astronaut from United States, Nicholas Patrick was born. Birthday
1962 Chess grandmaster from Uzbekistan, Mihail Saltaev was born. Birthday
1962 American actress Jodie Foster was born. Birthday
1962 Astronaut from United States, Nicole Stott was born. Birthday
1959 American actress Allison Janney was born. Birthday
1958 Chess grandmaster from Serbia, Nenad Ristic was born. Birthday
1958 Astronaut from France, Jean-François Clervoy was born. Birthday
1956 Astronaut from United States, Eileen Collins was born. Birthday
1952 Russian railway engineer Yury Lomonosov died. Death day
1950 Chess grandmaster from United States, Peter Biyiasas was born. Birthday
1936 Taiwanese chemist Yuan T. Lee was born. Birthday
1917 Indian politician Indira Gandhi was born. Birthday
1915 American pharmacologist and biochemist Earl Wilbur Sutherland, Jr. was born. Birthday
1912 Romanian-American cell biologist George Emil Palade was born. Birthday
1905 Chess grandmaster from United States, Isaac Kashdan was born. Birthday
1894 Portuguese politician Americo Tomas was born. Birthday
1887 American chemist James B. Sumner was born. Birthday
1883 German-British engineer Sir William Siemens died. Death day
1857 National Day of Monaco. National Holiday
1831 American politician James A. Garfield was born. Birthday
1822 Magnitude 8.5 earthquake in Valparaíso, Chile. This is one of the largest earthquake by magnitude. Natural Disaster
1711 Russian polymath and scientist Mikhail Lomonosov was born. Birthday
1700 French clergyman and physicist Jean-Antoine Nollet was born. Birthday
1523 Papacy of Pope Clement VII began. Papacy began
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