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2015 American multinational information technology company HP Inc. was founded. Foundation day
1993 Spanish-American physician Severo Ochoa died. Death day
1989 Chess grandmaster from Venezuela, Eduardo Iturrizaga Bonelli was born. Birthday
1981 Independence Day of Antigua and Barbuda. National Holiday
1978 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Mikhail Simantsev was born. Birthday
1977 English badminton player Anthony Clark was born. Birthday
1974 Indian cricketer V. V. S. Laxman was born. Birthday
1973 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Gennadi Gutman was born. Birthday
1970 146 people died in Club Cinq-Sept fire night club fire at Saint-Laurent-du-Pont, France. Man-Made Disaster
1960 American business executive Tim Cook was born. Birthday
1956 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Sergey Kishnev was born. Birthday
1954 Revolution Day of Algeria. National Holiday
1953 Astronaut from United States, Nancy Davis was born. Birthday
1950 American physicist Robert B. Laughlin was born. Birthday
1949 Eastern Air Lines Flight 537 and Bolivian Air Force (NX26927) aircraft incident at Alexandria, Virginia, US, killed 55 people. Man-Made Disaster
1935 Golfer from South Africa, Gary Player was born. Birthday
1935 American businessman Charles G. Koch was born. Birthday
1932 Chess grandmaster from Israel, Yair Kraidman was born. Birthday
1924 Turkish politician Süleyman Demirel was born. Birthday
1918 Around 93–102 people died in Malbone Street Wreck. Man-Made Disaster
1903 German scholar and historian Theodor Mommsen died. Death day
1889 British politician and diplomat Philip Noel-Baker was born. Birthday
1878 Argentine politician Carlos Saavedra Lamas was born. Birthday
1831 New Zealand politician Harry Atkinson was born. Birthday
1782 British politician F. J. Robinson was born. Birthday
1762 British politician Spencer Perceval was born. Birthday
1755 Magnitude 8.5–9.0 earthquake in Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon, Portugal. This is one of the largest earthquake by magnitude. Natural Disaster
1638 Scottish mathematician and astronomer James Gregory was born. Birthday
1503 Papacy of Pope Julius II began. Papacy began
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