May 9 | On this Day

Year Description Category
2015 Turkish politician Kenan Evren died. Death day
2015 Russian metallurgist Igor Gorynin died. Death day
2008 Astronaut from United States, Ronald Parise died. Death day
1987 LOT Flight 5055 aircraft incident at Warsaw, Poland, killed 183 people. Man-Made Disaster
1985 American actor Edmond O'Brien died. Death day
1977 33 people died in Hotel Polen fire at Amsterdam, Netherlands. Man-Made Disaster
1950 Europe Day National Holiday
1949 American singer and songwriter Billy Joel was born. Birthday
1949 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Oleg Atkov was born. Birthday
1948 Golfer from United States, John Mahaffey was born. Birthday
1947 American-British-Israeli chemist Michael Levitt was born. Birthday
1945 Liberation Day of Guernsey. National Holiday
1945 Liberation Day of Jersey. National Holiday
1940 American film director James L. Brooks was born. Birthday
1936 English actress Glenda Jackson was born. Birthday
1931 American physicist Albert Abraham Michelson died. Death day
1931 Astronaut from United States, Vance Brand was born. Birthday
1927 German chemist Manfred Eigen was born. Birthday
1904 Chess grandmaster from Sweden, Gösta Stoltz was born. Birthday
1877 Magnitude 8.5 earthquake in Iquique, Chile. This is one of the largest earthquake by magnitude. Natural Disaster
1870 Golfer from Jersey, Harry Vardon was born. Birthday
1845 Swedish engineer and inventor Gustav de Laval was born. Birthday
1823 New Zealand politician Frederick Weld was born. Birthday
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