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2013 Estonia's first artificial satellite ESTCube-1 was launched. Launch Day
2011 Canadian physicist Willard S. Boyle died. Death day
2011 Golfer from Spain, Seve Ballesteros died. Death day
2011 Canadian physicist Willard Boyle died. Death day
2002 China Northern Airlines Flight 6136 aircraft incident at Dalian Bay, China, killed 112 people. Man-Made Disaster
1998 South African American physicist Allan McLeod Cormack died. Death day
1997 Chess grandmaster from Norway, Johan Salomon was born. Birthday
1988 Chinese badminton player Ma Jin was born. Birthday
1987 Russian basketball player Yaroslav Korolev was born. Birthday
1981 Chess grandmaster from Armenia, Gevorg Harutjunyan was born. Birthday
1968 Golfer from United States, Craig Wood died. Death day
1963 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Marat Makarov was born. Birthday
1961 Chess grandmaster from Kazakhstan, Bolat Asanov was born. Birthday
1960 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Eric Lobron was born. Birthday
1959 Astronaut from United States, Tamara Jernigan was born. Birthday
1956 Dutch politician Jan Peter Balkenende was born. Birthday
1951 American actor Warner Baxter died. Death day
1946 Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony was founded. Foundation day
1939 Canadian and American chemist Sidney Altman was born. Birthday
1939 Dutch politician Ruud Lubbers was born. Birthday
1932 French politician Paul Doumer died. Death day
1923 American actress Anne Baxter was born. Birthday
1918 Egyptian politician Mamdouh Salem was born. Birthday
1909 American scientist and inventor Edwin H. Land was born. Birthday
1902 Eruption of Mount Pelee in Martinique killed more than 30000 people. This is one of the deadliest volcanic eruptions. Natural Disaster
1901 American actor Gary Cooper was born. Birthday
1893 Pakistani politician Feroze Khan Noon was born. Birthday
1890 Scottish engineer James Nasmyth died. Death day
1867 Polish novelist Władysław Reymont was born. Birthday
1861 Bengali polymath and poet Rabindranath Tagore was born. Birthday
1847 British politician Archibald Primrose was born. Birthday
1805 British politician William Petty died. Death day
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