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2013 Belgian cytologist and biochemist Christian de Duve died. Death day
2012 Hollywood film The Avengers was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
2008 New Zealand pharmacist Colin Murdoch died. Death day
2002 EAS Airlines Flight 4226 aircraft incident at Kano, Nigeria, killed 149 people. Man-Made Disaster
1994 Chess grandmaster from Cuba, Kevel Oliva Castaneda was born. Birthday
1991 Chess grandmaster from Israel, Tamir Nabaty was born. Birthday
1989 Golfer from Northern Ireland, Rory McIlroy was born. Birthday
1987 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Gabor Papp was born. Birthday
1986 Soviet biologist Georgy Gause died. Death day
1978 Chess grandmaster from Croatia, Ognjen Jovanić was born. Birthday
1976 Chess grandmaster from England, Daniel Gormally was born. Birthday
1974 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Sergei Ovsejevitsch was born. Birthday
1972 American chemist Edward Calvin Kendall died. Death day
1970 Chess grandmaster from Israel, Boris Alterman was born. Birthday
1970 Chess grandmaster from North Macedonia, Toni Najdoski was born. Birthday
1967 Chess grandmaster from Singapore, Buenaventura Villamayor was born. Birthday
1966 Chess grandmaster from France, Emmanuel Bricard was born. Birthday
1964 Chess grandmaster from Switzerland, Joseph Gallagher was born. Birthday
1963 64 people died in Le Monde theater fire at Diourbel, Senegal. Man-Made Disaster
1959 Golfer from United States, Bob Tway was born. Birthday
1959 Astronaut from Italy, Maurizio Cheli was born. Birthday
1956 Astronaut from United States, Michael Gernhardt was born. Birthday
1938 German pacifist Carl von Ossietzky died. Death day
1931 Korean-American electrical engineer Dawon Kahng was born. Birthday
1929 British actress Audrey Hepburn was born. Birthday
1928 Egyptian politician Hosni Mubarak was born. Birthday
1924 The opening ceremony of Games of the VIII Olympiad, or 1924 Summer olympics was held in Paris.
1918 Japanese politician Kakuei Tanaka was born. Birthday
1897 126 people died in Bazar de la Charité fire at Paris, France. Man-Made Disaster
1655 Italian inventor Bartolomeo Cristofori was born. Birthday
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