March 27 | On this Day

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2019 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Valery Bykovsky died. Death day
2010 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Vasily Smyslov died. Death day
2007 American chemist Paul Lauterbur died. Death day
2002 Austrian-born American film director Billy Wilder died. Death day
1993 Chess grandmaster from Bulgaria, Radoslav Dimitrov was born. Birthday
1993 Egyptian politician Kamal Hassan Ali died. Death day
1986 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Boris Grachev was born. Birthday
1985 Chess grandmaster from Czech Republic, David Navara was born. Birthday
1985 Indian actor Ram Charan was born. Birthday
1982 Bangladeshi-American structural engineer Fazlur Khan died. Death day
1977 Pan Am Flight 1736 and KLM Flight 4805 aircraft incident at Tenerife, Spain, killed 583 people. Man-Made Disaster
1969 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Michail Brodsky was born. Birthday
1968 Astronaut from Soviet Union, Yuri Gagarin died. Death day
1967 Czech chemist Jaroslav Heyrovský died. Death day
1964 Magnitude 9.2 earthquake in Prince William Sound, Alaska, United States. This is one of the largest earthquake by magnitude. Natural Disaster
1951 American pediatrician Paul Offit was born. Birthday
1942 British biologist John Sulston was born. Birthday
1940 New Zealand politician Michael Joseph Savage died. Death day
1935 Welsh scientist and inventor Tom Parry Jones was born. Birthday
1923 Scottish chemist and physicist James Dewar died. Death day
1912 British politician James Callaghan was born. Birthday
1901 Japanese politician Eisaku Sato was born. Birthday
1847 German chemist Otto Wallach was born. Birthday
1845 German physicist Wilhelm Rontgen was born. Birthday
1845 German mechanical engineer and physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen was born. Birthday
1839 New Zealand politician John Ballance was born. Birthday
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