March 21 | On this Day

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2012 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Yuri Razuvaev died. Death day
2011 Russian gymnast Nikolai Andrianov died. Death day
2006 American online news and social networking service Twitter was founded. Foundation day
1997 Chinese badminton player He Bingjiao was born. Birthday
1991 Thai badminton player Maneepong Jongjit was born. Birthday
1991 Royal Saudi Air Force (469) aircraft incident at near Khafji, Saudi Arabia, killed 98 people. Man-Made Disaster
1990 Chess grandmaster from Iran, Homayoon Toufighi was born. Birthday
1990 Independence Day of Namibia. National Holiday
1986 Chess grandmaster from India, Saptarshi Roy was born. Birthday
1986 Chess grandmaster from Kazakhstan, Anuar Ismagambutov was born. Birthday
1980 Norwegian skier Marit Bjorgen was born. Birthday
1980 Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho was born. Birthday
1979 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Zoltan Medvegy was born. Birthday
1976 Swiss-American electrical engineer and inventor Adolph Rickenbacker died. Death day
1968 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Igor Khenkin was born. Birthday
1962 American fast food restaurant Taco Bel was founded. Foundation day
1961 German footballer Lothar Matthäus was born. Birthday
1958 English actor Gary Oldman was born. Birthday
1955 Brazilian politician Jair Bolsonaro was born. Birthday
1954 Thai politician Prayut Chan-o-cha was born. Birthday
1941 Astronaut from Belgium, Dirk Frimout was born. Birthday
1932 American chemist Walter Gilbert was born. Birthday
1901 German politician Karl Arnold was born. Birthday
1888 200 people died in Banquet theater fire at Porto, Portugal. Man-Made Disaster
1866 Japanese politician Wakatsuki Reijiro was born. Birthday
1854 Mexican politician Pedro Maria de Anaya died. Death day
1843 Mexican politician Guadalupe Victoria died. Death day
1806 Mexican politician Benito Juarez was born. Birthday
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