March 20 | On this Day

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2015 Australian politician Malcolm Fraser died. Death day
2010 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, István Bilek died. Death day
1997 Chess grandmaster from Australia, Bobby Cheng was born. Birthday
1995 Chinese badminton player Tang Chun Man was born. Birthday
1994 Taiwanese badminton player Lee Jhe-huei was born. Birthday
1993 German-born American physicist Polykarp Kusch died. Death day
1993 American tennis player Sloane Stephens was born. Birthday
1993 Chess grandmaster from Armenia, Vahe Baghdasaryan was born. Birthday
1990 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Ivan Popov was born. Birthday
1990 South Korean badminton player Jung Kyung Eun was born. Birthday
1989 Bangladeshi cricketer Tamim Iqbal was born. Birthday
1987 Chess grandmaster from Slovenia, Jure Škoberne was born. Birthday
1987 Philippines's first artificial satellite Mabuhay (Agila 1) was launched. Launch Day
1985 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Gergely Antal was born. Birthday
1980 American basketball player Jamal Crawford was born. Birthday
1980 Chess grandmaster from Iran, Morteza Mahjoob was born. Birthday
1969 United Arab Airlines (SU-APC) aircraft incident at Aswan, Egypt, killed 100 people. Man-Made Disaster
1963 Chess grandmaster from France, Andrei Sokolov was born. Birthday
1963 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Evgeny Gleizerov was born. Birthday
1960 Chess grandmaster from Turkmenistan, Orazly Annageldyev was born. Birthday
1960 Astronaut from Russia, Yuri Shargin was born. Birthday
1958 American actress Holly Hunter was born. Birthday
1956 Independence Day of Tunisia. National Holiday
1950 American actor William Hurt was born. Birthday
1946 185 people died in Aracaju train crash. Man-Made Disaster
1944 German biophysicist Erwin Neher was born. Birthday
1939 Canadian politician Brian Mulroney was born. Birthday
1937 Golfer from Jersey, Harry Vardon died. Death day
1930 American fast food restaurant KFC was founded. Foundation day
1920 Chess grandmaster from Argentina, Julio Bolbochán was born. Birthday
1916 French politician Pierre Messmer was born. Birthday
1911 Mexican diplomat and politician Alfonso Garcia Robles was born. Birthday
1904 American psychologist and inventor B. F. Skinner was born. Birthday
1903 Supercentenarian from Italy, Maria Giuseppa Robucci was born. She died at the age of 116 years, 90 days. Birthday
1901 Golfer from United States, George Von Elm was born. Birthday
1882 French politician Rene Coty was born. Birthday
1881 German-Austrian engineer Fritz Pfleumer was born. Birthday
1855 English cement manufacture Joseph Aspdin died. Death day
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