March 10 | On this Day

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2019 Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 aircraft incident at Bishoftu, Ethiopia, killed 157 people. Man-Made Disaster
2012 American chemist Frank Sherwood Rowland died. Death day
2007 Golfer from United States, Buddy Allin died. Death day
2002 American businessman and inventor Gilmore Schjeldahl died. Death day
1987 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Csaba Balogh was born. Birthday
1986 Welsh-American actor Ray Milland died. Death day
1983 American singer and songwriter Carrie Underwood was born. Birthday
1977 American gymnast Shannon Miller was born. Birthday
1977 Chess grandmaster from Poland, Marcin Kamiński was born. Birthday
1977 Dutch politician Willem Schermerhorn died. Death day
1976 Chess grandmaster from China, Wu Wenjin was born. Birthday
1966 Dutch physicist Frits Zernike died. Death day
1961 Astronaut from United States, Laurel Clark was born. Birthday
1951 Japanese politician Kijūro Shidehara died. Death day
1947 Canadian politician Kim Campbell was born. Birthday
1941 American chemist George P. Smith was born. Birthday
1930 104 people died in Cinema fire at Chinkai Guard District. Man-Made Disaster
1930 104 people died in Jinhae Primary School fire at Jinhae, Korea (now South Korea). Man-Made Disaster
1926 Russian metallurgist Igor Gorynin was born. Birthday
1923 American physicist Val Logsdon Fitch was born. Birthday
1914 Golfer from United States, Chandler Harper was born. Birthday
1902 British scientist Alec Reeves was born. Birthday
1894 Golfer from Scotland and United States, Clarence Hackney was born. Birthday
1888 Irish actor Barry Fitzgerald was born. Birthday
1877 Mexican politician Pascual Ortiz Rubio was born. Birthday
1874 German and Russian engineer Moritz von Jacobi died. Death day
1853 New Zealand politician Thomas Mackenzie was born. Birthday
1824 Russian inventor Franz San Galli was born. Birthday
1792 British politician John Stuart died. Death day
1789 Mexican politician Manuel de la Pena y Pena was born. Birthday
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