June 9 | On this Day

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2018 Romanian tennis player Simona Halep won her first title in 2018 French Open. Achievement
2008 Chess grandmaster from Armenia, Karen Asrian died. Death day
2003 Spanish tennis player Juan Carlos Ferrero won his first title in 2003 French Open. Achievement
1997 Brazilian tennis player Gustavo Kuerten won his first title in 1997 French Open. Achievement
1994 Dutch economist Jan Tinbergen died. Death day
1990 Tennis player from Yugoslavia Monica Seles won her first title in 1990 French Open. Achievement
1989 American geneticist George Wells Beadle died. Death day
1982 Chess grandmaster from Poland, Radosław Jedynak was born. Birthday
1981 American actress Natalie Portman was born. Birthday
1980 American basketball player Udonis Haslem was born. Birthday
1979 Accident in Luna Park Sydney, located at Sydney, Australia killed 7. Man-Made Disaster
1974 Guatemalan poet and novelist Miguel Angel Asturias died. Death day
1968 Australian tennis player Ken Rosewall won his first title in 1968 French Open. Achievement
1961 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Klaus Bischoff was born. Birthday
1960 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Attila Grószpéter was born. Birthday
1960 Soviet aerospace engineer Semyon Lavochkin died. Death day
1959 German chemist Adolf Otto Reinhold Windaus died. Death day
1958 English actor Robert Donat died. Death day
1953 German businessman Matthias Muller was born. Birthday
1948 Chess grandmaster from Serbia, Radoslav Simic was born. Birthday
1946 Astronaut from United States, Francis Gaffney was born. Birthday
1919 Chess grandmaster from Soviet Union, Isaac Boleslavsky was born. Birthday
1915 American guitarist and inventor Les Paul was born. Birthday
1907 Golfer from United States, Mike Turnesa was born. Birthday
1892 Soviet aeronautical engineer Nikolai Polikarpov was born. Birthday
1875 English physiologist Henry Hallett Dale was born. Birthday
1843 Austrian-Bohemian pacifist Bertha von Suttner was born. Birthday
1781 English civil engineer George Stephenson was born. Birthday
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