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2016 Chess grandmaster from Indonesia, Herman Suradiradja died. Death day
2016 Chess grandmaster from Switzerland, Viktor Korchnoi died. Death day
2013 American chemist Jerome Karle died. Death day
2009 French immunologist Jean Dausset died. Death day
2005 Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal won his first title in 2005 French Open. Achievement
2005 American actress Anne Bancroft died. Death day
2001 Supercentenarian from France, Marie Brémont died at the age of 115 years, 42 days. Death day
1997 Japanese badminton player Akane Yamaguchi was born. Birthday
1996 American geneticist George Davis Snell died. Death day
1995 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Heinz Lehmann died. Death day
1994 China Northwest Airlines Flight 2303 aircraft incident at Xian, China, killed 160 people. Man-Made Disaster
1987 German tennis player Steffi Graf won her first title in 1987 French Open. Achievement
1981 Around 500–800 people died in Bihar train derailment. Man-Made Disaster
1978 Chess grandmaster from Bulgaria, Milen Vasilev was born. Birthday
1971 Hughes Airwest Flight 706 and US Marine Corps (151458) aircraft incident at San Gabriel Mts., near Duarte, California, US, killed 50 people. Man-Made Disaster
1967 Chess grandmaster from Austria, Josef Klinger was born. Birthday
1967 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Vladimir Burmakin was born. Birthday
1965 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Aleksandr Poluljahov was born. Birthday
1962 French artist Yves Klein died. Death day
1956 Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg was born. Birthday
1956 Astronaut from United States, Jay Buckey was born. Birthday
1946 German dramatist and novelist Gerhart Hauptmann died. Death day
1944 American geneticist Phillip Allen Sharp was born. Birthday
1943 American chemist Richard Smalley was born. Birthday
1934 American inventor Charles Francis Jenkins died. Death day
1933 Swiss physicist Heinrich Rohrer was born. Birthday
1932 Astronaut from United States, David Scott was born. Birthday
1918 American biochemist Edwin G. Krebs was born. Birthday
1916 Swedish Flag Day, National Day (1983) of Sweden. National Holiday
1891 Canadian politician John A. Macdonald died. Death day
1884 Golfer from Scotland and United States, Jock Hutchison was born. Birthday
1878 Scottish engineer Reverend Dr Robert Stirling died. Death day
1875 German novelist Thomas Mann was born. Birthday
1850 German physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun was born. Birthday
1850 German inventor and physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun was born. Birthday
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