June 29 | On this Day

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2018 Swedish neuropharmacologist Arvid Carlsson died. Death day
2018 Polish athelete Irena Szewinska died. Death day
2018 Indian film Sanju was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies in India. Release Date
2018 Bhutan's first artificial satellite Bhutan 1 was launched. Launch Day
2017 Mi Gente, one of the most popular youtube videos was uploaded. Release Date
2017 Cable car accident at Charra Pani, Galyat, Pakistan, killed 12 people. Man-Made Disaster
2010 Accident in OCT East, located at Yantian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China killed 6. Man-Made Disaster
2008 American physicist William R. Bennett Jr. died. Death day
2003 American actress Katharine Hepburn died. Death day
1997 Chinese badminton player Jia Yifan was born. Birthday
1994 Chess grandmaster from Belgium, Tanguy Ringoir was born. Birthday
1991 Chess grandmaster from Spain, Ivan Salgado Lopez was born. Birthday
1990 Sumo wrestler Komanokuni was born. Birthday
1987 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Marat Askarov was born. Birthday
1986 Chess grandmaster from Colombia, Sergio Barrientos was born. Birthday
1986 In Football World Cup, Argentina won against West Germany at Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico. World Cup Finals
1986 British electrical engineer and inventor Kenyon Taylor died. Death day
1980 Chess grandmaster from China, Zhang Pengxiang was born. Birthday
1980 90 people died in Kashmir bus crash. Man-Made Disaster
1976 National Day of Seychelles. National Holiday
1958 German politician Karl Arnold died. Death day
1958 In Football World Cup, Brazil won against Sweden at Råsunda Stadium, Solna, Sweden. World Cup Finals
1955 Astronaut from United States, Charles Precourt was born. Birthday
1954 Brazilian footballer Júnior was born. Birthday
1952 Chess grandmaster from United States, Miron Sher was born. Birthday
1950 German entrepreneur Melitta Bentz died. Death day
1925 Italian politician Giorgio Napolitano was born. Birthday
1906 American businessman and inventor Henry Perky died. Death day
1903 English electronics engineer Alan Blumlein was born. Birthday
1890 Supercentenarian from Netherlands, Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper was born. She died at the age of 115 years, 62 days. Birthday
1890 English metallurgist and inventor Alexander Parkes died. Death day
1889 Golfer from Scotland and United States, Willie Macfarlane was born. Birthday
1864 99 people died in St-Hilaire train disaster. Man-Made Disaster
1816 Dutch politician Jacob van Zuylen van Nijevelt was born. Birthday
1793 Austrian inventor Josef Ressel was born. Birthday
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