June 28 | On this Day

Year Description Category
2007 Japanese politician Kiichi Miyazawa died. Death day
2007 Around 84 people died because of 2007 Greek forest fires in Greece. This is one of the deadliest wildfires. Natural Disaster
1996 Chess grandmaster from Argentina, Julio Bolbochán died. Death day
1994 Chess grandmaster from Netherlands, Anish Giri was born. Birthday
1992 Chess grandmaster from Latvia, Mikhail Tal died. Death day
1990 Chess grandmaster from China, Wan Yunguo was born. Birthday
1985 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Alexander Zaitsev was born. Birthday
1983 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Dmitry Jakovenko was born. Birthday
1982 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Vladimir Potkin was born. Birthday
1982 Aeroflot Flight 8641 aircraft incident at Mazyr, Byelorussian SSR, USSR, killed 132 people. Man-Made Disaster
1974 Chess grandmaster from Philippines, Nelson Mariano was born. Birthday
1971 American entrepreneur Elon Musk was born. Birthday
1966 Chess grandmaster from Serbia, Miroljub Lazic was born. Birthday
1959 American businessman Brian L. Roberts was born. Birthday
1957 Bulgarian politician Georgi Parvanov was born. Birthday
1948 American actress Kathy Bates was born. Birthday
1946 Astronaut from United States, John Lounge was born. Birthday
1943 German physicist Klaus von Klitzing was born. Birthday
1940 Bangladeshi social entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus was born. Birthday
1937 Golfer from Canada, George Knudson was born. Birthday
1930 Irish and American biologist and parasitologist William C. Campbell was born. Birthday
1930 Brazilian politician Itamar Franco was born. Birthday
1927 American chemist Frank Sherwood Rowland was born. Birthday
1926 German multinational automotive corporation Daimler AG was founded. Foundation day
1926 German global automobile company Benz was founded. Foundation day
1925 American entrepreneur George Ballas was born. Birthday
1921 Indian politician P. V. Narasimha Rao was born. Birthday
1913 Brazilian politician Campos Sales died. Death day
1912 American physician and pathologist Albert Coons was born. Birthday
1906 German-born American physicist Maria Goeppert-Mayer was born. Birthday
1892 New Zealand politician Harry Atkinson died. Death day
1873 French surgeon and biologist Alexis Carrel was born. Birthday
1867 Italian dramatist and novelist Luigi Pirandello was born. Birthday
1836 American politician James Madison died. Death Day
1825 German chemist Emil Erlenmeyer was born. Birthday
1476 Pope Paul IV was born. Birthday
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