June 25 | On this Day

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2017 Cable car accident at Gulmarg, India, killed 7 people. Man-Made Disaster
2017 219 people died in Bahawalpur explosion. Man-Made Disaster
2013 Jersey's first artificial satellite O3b was launched. Launch Day
2011 American entrepreneur George Ballas died. Death day
2009 American singer and songwriter Michael Jackson died. Death day
1997 French naval officer and innovator Jacques Cousteau died. Death day
1995 Irish physicist Ernest Walton died. Death day
1995 Chess grandmaster from Poland, Kamil Dragun was born. Birthday
1985 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Anton Korobov was born. Birthday
1983 In Cricket World Cup finals, India won against West Indies by 43 runs at Lord's, London. World Cup Finals
1979 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Jan Gustafsson was born. Birthday
1978 In Football World Cup, Argentina won against Netherlands at Estadio Monumental, Buenos Aires, Argentina. World Cup Finals
1976 American lyricist and singer Johnny Mercer died. Death day
1975 Spanish tennis player Albert Costa was born. Birthday
1975 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Vladimir Kramnik was born. Birthday
1975 Independence Day of Mozambique. National Holiday
1971 Scottish biologist and politician John Boyd Orr died. Death day
1966 Congolese American basketball player Dikembe Mutombo was born. Birthday
1965 US Air Force (60-0373) aircraft incident at Santiago Canyon, California, US, killed 84 people. Man-Made Disaster
1963 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Alexander Zlochevskij was born. Birthday
1956 Macedonian politician Boris Trajkovski was born. Birthday
1945 American singer and songwriter Carly Simon was born. Birthday
1937 Japanese politician Keizo Obuchi was born. Birthday
1931 Indian politician V. P. Singh was born. Birthday
1928 Russian and American physicist Alexei Alexeyevich Abrikosov was born. Birthday
1911 American chemist William Howard Stein was born. Birthday
1907 German physicist J. Hans D. Jensen was born. Birthday
1907 New Zealand politician John Hall died. Death day
1903 American actress Anne Revere was born. Birthday
1864 German chemist Walther Nernst was born. Birthday
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