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1990 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Sergei Matsenko was born. Birthday
1989 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Krisztian Szabo was born. Birthday
1989 Fuerza Aérea del Peru (FAP-329) aircraft incident at Tarma, Peru, killed 59 people. Man-Made Disaster
1988 Chess grandmaster from Cuba, Yusnel Bacallao Alonso was born. Birthday
1988 Chess grandmaster from United States, Alejandro Ramírez was born. Birthday
1980 Chess grandmaster from Poland, Łukasz Cyborowski was born. Birthday
1978 Golfer from United States, Matt Kuchar was born. Birthday
1976 Chinese badminton player Wang Chen was born. Birthday
1975 In Cricket World Cup finals, West Indies won against Australia by 17 runs at Lord's, London. World Cup Finals
1970 In Football World Cup, Brazil won against Italy at Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico. World Cup Finals
1967 Thai politician Yingluck Shinawatra was born. Birthday
1966 Hollywood film Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
1965 Astronaut from China, Yang Liwei was born. Birthday
1964 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Yuri Kruppa was born. Birthday
1964 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Valeriy Neverov was born. Birthday
1964 Astronaut from Russia, Oleg Kononenko was born. Birthday
1963 Papacy of Pope Paul VI began. Papacy began
1958 Astronaut from Russia, Gennady Padalka was born. Birthday
1957 German physicist Johannes Stark died. Death day
1955 French footballer Michel Platini was born. Birthday
1953 Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto was born. Birthday
1947 Iranian political activist Shirin Ebadi was born. Birthday
1925 American actress Maureen Stapleton was born. Birthday
1921 American actress Judy Holliday was born. Birthday
1919 Chess grandmaster from Soviet Union, Vladimir Simagin was born. Birthday
1914 Austrian-Bohemian pacifist Bertha von Suttner died. Death day
1914 Canadian-born economist William Vickrey was born. Birthday
1909 Swiss inventor Gustav Guanella was born. Birthday
1905 French philosopher and playwright Jean-Paul Sartre was born. Birthday
1876 Mexican politician Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna died. Death day
1870 Australian mechanical engineer Anthony Michell was born. Birthday
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