June 2 | On this Day

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2018 American chemist Paul D. Boyer died. Death day
2015 American chemist Irwin Rose died. Death day
2011 Chess grandmaster from Kyrgyzstan, Leonid Yurtaev died. Death day
2000 Russian ophthalmologist and politician Svyatoslav Fyodorov died. Death day
1999 Chess grandmaster from China, Wei Yi was born. Birthday
1999 Internet content service company Naver was founded. Foundation day
1994 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Andrey Stukopin was born. Birthday
1991 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Tamas Fodor Jr. was born. Birthday
1990 Chess grandmaster from Norway, Jon Ludvig Hammer was born. Birthday
1990 English actor Rex Harrison died. Death day
1989 Australian cricketer Steve Smith was born. Birthday
1989 Golfer from United States, Dick Mayer died. Death day
1986 Sumo wrestler Ryutei was born. Birthday
1983 Chess grandmaster from France, Yannick Gozzoli was born. Birthday
1982 Pakistani politician Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry died. Death day
1980 Chess grandmaster from Yugoslavia, Vasja Pirc died. Death day
1978 Astronaut from South Korea, Yi So-Yeon was born. Birthday
1974 Chess grandmaster from United States, Gata Kamsky was born. Birthday
1965 Australian cricketer Mark Waugh was born. Birthday
1965 Australian cricketer Steve Waugh was born. Birthday
1956 Astronaut from United States, Mark Polansky was born. Birthday
1953 Golfer from United States, Craig Stadler was born. Birthday
1946 Republic Day of Italy. National Holiday
1944 American music composer Marvin Hamlisch was born. Birthday
1940 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, István Csom was born. Birthday
1930 Astronaut from United States, Pete Conrad was born. Birthday
1923 American economist Lloyd S. Shapley was born. Birthday
1910 Swiss engineer and inventor Eduard Locher died. Death day
1905 55 people died in Mental hospital fire at Górna Grupa, Poland. Man-Made Disaster
1898 Supercentenarian from France, Marie-Thérèse Bardet was born. She died at the age of 114 years, 6 days. Birthday
1873 Supercentenarian from United Kingdom, Anna Eliza Williams was born. She died at the age of 114 years, 208 days. Birthday
1871 Russian weapons designer Fedor Tokarev was born. Birthday
1857 Danish poet and novelist Karl Adolph Gjellerup was born. Birthday
1835 Pope Pius X was born. Birthday
1813 New Zealand politician Daniel Pollen was born. Birthday
1535 Pope Leo XI was born. Birthday
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