June 17 | On this Day

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2017 Around 66 people died because of 2017 Portugal wildfires in Portugal. This is one of the deadliest wildfires. Natural Disaster
2016 Baby Shark Dance, one of the most popular youtube videos was uploaded. Release Date
2015 Turkish politician Süleyman Demirel died. Death day
2006 Kazakhstan's first artificial satellite KazSat-1 was launched. Launch Day
2001 American chemist Donald J. Cram died. Death day
1997 Chess grandmaster from Estonia, Ottomar Ladva was born. Birthday
1989 Astronaut from United States, Stanley Griggs died. Death day
1985 Mexico's first artificial satellite Morelos 1 was launched. Launch Day
1980 American tennis player Venus Williams was born. Birthday
1979 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Alexander Motylev was born. Birthday
1977 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Andrei Belozerov was born. Birthday
1976 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Peter Svidler was born. Birthday
1972 Chess grandmaster from Hungary, Peter Horvath was born. Birthday
1962 In Football World Cup, Brazil won against Czechoslovakia at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile. World Cup Finals
1961 Chess grandmaster from Serbia, Branko Damljanović was born. Birthday
1952 Italian-Canadian businessman Sergio Marchionne was born. Birthday
1944 Independence Day of Iceland. National Holiday
1942 Egyptian law scholar and diplomat Mohamed ElBaradei was born. Birthday
1942 Chess grandmaster from Serbia, Dusan Rajković was born. Birthday
1940 American economist George Akerlof was born. Birthday
1940 British chemist Arthur Harden died. Death day
1929 Chess grandmaster from Soviet Union, Tigran Petrosian was born. Birthday
1920 French biologist Francois Jacob was born. Birthday
1910 Golfer from United States, Ray Mangrum was born. Birthday
1903 American chef Ruth Graves Wakefield was born. Birthday
1841 Italian physicist Antonio Pacinotti was born. Birthday
1832 British chemist and physicist William Crookes was born. Birthday
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