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2016 Closer (Lyric video), one of the most popular youtube videos was uploaded. Release Date
2010 Around 54 people died because of 2010 Russian wildfires in Russia. This is one of the deadliest wildfires. Natural Disaster
1998 American film director Jerome Robbins died. Death day
1994 British chemist Dorothy Hodgkin died. Death day
1993 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Vladimir Belous was born. Birthday
1991 South Korean badminton player Sung Ji-hyun was born. Birthday
1990 Chess grandmaster from Iran, Asghar Golizadeh was born. Birthday
1986 South Korean badminton player Kim Ming Jung was born. Birthday
1985 Indonesian badminton player Simon Santoso was born. Birthday
1983 British actor David Niven died. Death day
1982 Vladimir Zworykin died. Death day
1980 Chess grandmaster from Russia, Alexei Iljushin was born. Birthday
1979 73 people died in Lakshimki Talkies cinema fire at Tuticorin, India. Man-Made Disaster
1965 Chess grandmaster from Croatia, Ivan ┼Żaja was born. Birthday
1963 Chess grandmaster from Netherlands, Yge Visser was born. Birthday
1962 French-Ivorian banker Tidjane Thiam was born. Birthday
1959 Indian actor Sanjay Dutt was born. Birthday
1957 Chess grandmaster from Lithuania, Viktor Gavrikov was born. Birthday
1957 American business executive Virginia M. Rometty was born. Birthday
1948 The opening ceremony of Games of the XIV Olympiad, or 1948 Summer olympics was held in London.
1937 American economist Daniel McFadden was born. Birthday
1937 Japanese politician Ryutaro Hashimoto was born. Birthday
1916 Around 223 people died because of Matheson Fire in Ontario, Canada. This is one of the deadliest wildfires. Natural Disaster
1913 Dutch lawyer Tobias Asser died. Death day
1905 Swedish economist and diplomat Dag Hammarskjold was born. Birthday
1900 Swedish novelist Eyvind Johnson was born. Birthday
1900 Soviet aerospace engineer Mikhail Tikhonravov was born. Birthday
1898 American physicist Isidor Isaac Rabi was born. Birthday
1895 Brazilian politician Floriano Peixoto died. Death day
1888 Vladimir Zworykin was born. Birthday
1644 Pope Urban VIII died. Death day
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