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2017 Chess grandmaster from Ukraine, Vladimir Malaniuk died. Death day
2016 Romanian-born American writer and political activist Elie Wiesel died. Death day
2016 French politician Michel Rocard died. Death day
2016 American film director Michael Cimino died. Death day
2013 American engineer and inventor Douglas Engelbart died. Death day
2011 Czech tennis player Petra Kvitova won her first title in 2011 Wimbledon. Achievement
2011 Brazilian politician Itamar Franco died. Death day
2010 230 people died in Sange road tanker explosion. Man-Made Disaster
2000 Chess grandmaster from Bulgaria, Georgi Tringov died. Death day
1997 American actor James Stewart died. Death day
1996 Hollywood film Independence Day was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
1994 Spanish tennis player Conchita MariĆ­nez won her first title in 1994 Wimbledon. Achievement
1989 Japanese-born American film director Franklin J. Schaffner died. Death day
1988 Chess grandmaster from Belarus, Evgeniy Podolchenko was born. Birthday
1986 Aeroflot Flight 2306 aircraft incident at near Kopsa, Komi ASSR, Russian SFSR, USSR, killed 54 people. Man-Made Disaster
1985 Chess grandmaster from Slovakia, Jan Markos was born. Birthday
1975 Chess grandmaster from Israel, Eran Liss was born. Birthday
1967 Chess grandmaster from Germany, Aleksandar Berelovich was born. Birthday
1961 American novelist and writer Ernest Hemingway died. Death day
1959 Astronaut from United States, Wendy Lawrence was born. Birthday
1952 Astronaut from United States, Linda Godwin was born. Birthday
1946 American biologist Richard Axel was born. Birthday
1942 Mexican politician Vicente Fox was born. Birthday
1941 Hollywood film Sergeant York was released in theaters. This is one of the highest grossing movies. Release Date
1940 Astronaut from Bulgaria, Georgi Ivanov was born. Birthday
1938 Indian / American electrical engineer C. Kumar N. Patel was born. Birthday
1924 Japanese politician Matsukata Masayoshi died. Death day
1923 Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska was born. Birthday
1919 German entrepreneur and inventor Friedrich Soennecken died. Death day
1916 Russian meteorologist Mikhail Pomortsev died. Death day
1915 Mexican politician Porfirio Diaz died. Death day
1906 German-American physicist Hans Bethe was born. Birthday
1904 Chess grandmaster from Sweden, Erik Lundin was born. Birthday
1903 British politician Alec Douglas-Home was born. Birthday
1877 Hermann Hesse was born. Birthday
1862 British physicist William Henry Bragg was born. Birthday
1850 British politician Robert Peel died. Death day
1821 Canadian politician Charles Tupper was born. Birthday
1820 Mexican politician Juan N. Mendez was born. Birthday
1797 Mexican politician Francisco Javier Echeverria was born. Birthday
1743 British politician Spencer Compton died. Death day
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